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To sell or not to sell? That’s the question. 

Considering selling?  It’s a big decision – whether you have outgrown your current home;  your ready to downsize; or your moving out of Madison, it’s time to explore the option!  We will do the research and come up with the answers to these common questions:

  • How can I get top dollar for selling my house?
  • Are there a lot of buyers looking for a house like mine?
  • Which properties would I be competing with?
  • What do I need to do to get my home ready to sell?
  • How long will the process take in the current market?

What’s My Home Worth? Determining Price, it’s key. 

Next to extensive marketing, pricing is everything – if your home isn’t priced right for the market, it will sit. If it’s priced right, you’ll have multiple showings and offers (a very good position to be in).  So pricing it right to begin with is key. Pricing is much more than just the assessed value – market value is determined by:

  • Amount of other houses like yours (competition) at the time of sale
  • Recent sold prices for other listings in your neighborhood
  • Any updates you’ve done that buyers desire – there is  difference between updates that add value and maintenance updates
  • Buyer demand – if there are a lot of buyers looking for a house like yours in the current market
  • Timing – there is a seasonal aspect when pricing a home.   Spring is not always the best time to sell ! 

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