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Buying your forever home … or the one that fits you right now.

Jamie Miller knows the near west side of Madison, Fitchburg, Middleton and Downtown.  And, after 10 years in the biz Jamie’s knows how to put you in the best position as a buyer.  Because of her connections within those communities, she often hears about houses before they hit the market too, which can put buyers in a better position to find the house you really want.

When a new job took us from Appleton to Madison on short notice, we set an aggressive timeline for finding a house. Jamie listened to what we wanted, and helped us discover our perfect home in an ideal location almost immediately. She worked hard to negotiate a fantastic price, and made sure everything went smoothly throughout the entire buying process.

Rodee & Vanessa 

The home buying process typically consists of the following elements.

First Off – Gather “The List”

What are the main elements you are looking for in your next home:

  • Am I looking for a house or a condo?
  • What neighborhoods are you interested in?
  • What about the school districts?
  • What price point am I looking in?

The advantages of working with Jamie Miller as a Buyers Agent

We like to say that you make your money in real estate when you buy. We know that your home is one of your largest, if not the largest investment you’ll ever make.  With Jamie Miller’s 10 years experience in Madison real estate you can be assured you are in good hands with all the aspects of buyer your next home.


Determine Market Value

Jamie Miller has extensive knowledge of the home values in the neighborhoods you want to buy in, and each neighborhood demands a different price point due to the idiosyncrasy’s of each neighborhood.  A house may be priced in your range, but it may be good to know that houses around it have sold for much less, or when a house is priced low for the neighborhood and would be a good investment.  She’ll also point things out like any visible defects, how close the nearest school is, parks, or any

As part of the buying process Jamie Miller help you arrive at a fair market price. There’s a big difference between assessed, appraised value and market value.

Submit & Negotiate Offers

Now that you’ve arrived at a market price, it’s time to submit an offer. A lot of factors go into the opening bid, how long the house has been on the market, how much interest the house has, how many updates the house needs, etc.  Jamie Miller can help determine a fair market price and other aspects of the offer to make your offer appealing.

Jamie Miller is an strong negotiator and always looks out for her clients. She’ll work with you to draft all offers, counter offers and amendments. And negotiate hard on your behalf to land at a price point that’s good for you.

Work Through Contingencies, Inspection, Appraisal &  Financing

If it were only as simple as landing on a price… there’s still more to work through here. To help you through this, Jamie Miller will:

  • Navigate the contingency process for you.
  • Work through home inspection and any further negotiations needed based on any defects found
  • Work through appraisal process and options if a property doesn’t appraise
  • Talk though financing options and work with your lender to close
  • Set up the closing  with the Title company

Closing Time

With all those T’s crossed and I’s dotted it’s time to schedule the closing. Jamie Miller with work on your behalf to ensure a smooth process to closing on your home!

Welcome to Your New Home

You’ve done it – you’re gonna love the new lifestyle your home provides you.